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  • Are you frustrated with forex trading?
  • Self claimed gurus that failed you again and again?
  • Want a simple and profitable trading strategy?
  • Something that will work in a bull or bear market?
  • Wish for a down-to-earth mentor to guide you?
  • Want some consistent proof?
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Who Are We And What We Can Do For You
view forex trading statementsHi traders, my name is BL, and I wanted to setup a website like this because I had spent thousands of hours of my life, going in circles, trying to find my way out, reading trading books that didn’t provide me with a single, profitable piece of trading information and I do not want you to be like me!

I often see people (many of my students) spending thousands of dollars on learning how to use forex trading software, “sure-win” trading seminars and trading strategies after which resulting in a larger loss. Lost $25,000 trading. Spent another $4,999 on worthless information. Do you know anyone that fits the description? Are you one of them?

Do they really work? Even before they prove to you that it works, you will have to fork out a huge amount first. Huge risk huh? Guess what, most of these gurus are not even confident enough to show you their up to date performance record, not to mention posting screen shots of their trading account statements.

It is always so “reassuring” that these thousand $$$ course gurus (whom you are about to/had learn forex trading from) does not even show you their past trades, or even their up to date forex trading statements!! (WE Show Our Live Trading Statements.)


Why You Should Choose Us
  • Safe and conservative strategy that works.
  • Consistent results, over 80% success rate!
  • We focus on capturing big movements (pips) over mid term.
  • Our strategy can suit anyone with a day job.
  • We do our research to aid you in making trades.
  • BL will personally help and guide you along the way.*
  • We want you to succeed, together with us!


What Do Our Members Like About Us

Hi Traders,

I would highly recommend anyone who does full money management with lots of time, to use BL.

At the end of the trades you come out of nice winning profits.

The idea is, open your trade set your TP and forget about the trade until you receive email from him when to close or move your sl.

Thank You BLHappy trading!

Andreas Klein, UK

Hi Traders,

BL offers a very simple course that takes a little time to set up and then can be traded with only a few minutes each day.

The ideas make a lot of sense and have been profitable for me after about 2 months trading the system. BL is also very responsive to questions about the system.

Thank You BLThanks to BL.

Edward Shapard, USA

Hi Traders,

Just finished my skype session with BL, was really really very good.

He took his time and taught me terms which I have never seen before and throughout the session, he questioned me making sure that I knew and fully understood what he was teaching.

When he introduced his strategy, he was excited and enthusiastic and encouraged me to challenge it. He provided and backed up whatever he was saying with facts and charts. He covered everything that had to be covered.

Thank You BLTwo thumbs up BL!

Erwin Wang, SG

Hi Traders

I had the Skype session with BL in mid-July (2012). His strategy is logical, effective, and easy to understand. I also paper traded several of his trading alerts and made profits, despite initial losses due to the volatile nature of the Forex market.

Thanks BL. Keep up the good work.

Thank You BLThanks Again.

Michael Lam, SG


We Are Looking For You
So BL, How Can I Start Trading Forex And Be Profitable Just Like You?

You should fulfill the criteria, before you wish to signup yourself to learn from me, you must:
  • prepare to trade our system exclusively with about $5000.
  • prepare to follow our system's rules strictly. *listed below
  • prepare to have faith and stick to the system.

This program may not suit everyone. Ideal for account with $5000 and above. Do not use more than 3 times of leverage in your forex trading. Ideally not having more than 3 open positions at any one time. Over-leverage, greed and poor money management are common pit-falls of traders. And yes we do make losses sometimes, just that we win most of the time and when we win, we win bigger than our losses. Our success is contributed by strictly following rules, if you cannot follow rules, then please do not join us. We do not want you to lose money by not following our rules.

Disclaimer: The risk of loss in trading any financial vehicles such as securities, options, futures and forex can be substantial. Members must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own individual financial situation, before going into trading. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk as well as its own unique risk factors. Please read the following risk disclosure before considering the trading of this product: Forex Risk Disclosure. Futures and forex accounts are not protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Past results of any individual trader or trading system published by us are not indicative of future returns by that trader or system, and are not indicative of guaranteed future returns which may be realized by members. All forms of trading and investments carry risk. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone. is a subsidiary of our company Tactical Trading Academy Inc since 2011.

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